Bhadragol, 11 September 2015

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This Week Bhadragol has Teej Special. Pade has a guest for this Teej. Pade solti’s sister has arrived at home. Pade does not have anything but he has a brilliant idea to celebrate teej with sister. He found a hen but he does not have any chance to get that hen. Finally he has an idea to get some dinner. You will love his idea. On the other hand Jigree is trying to convince Rakshya to take fasting for teej but Rakshya make him to do so instead.

Jigree is Fasting for Teej and trying not to eat anything. Bale Solti and Cockroach are roasting chicken and jigree cannot stop himself. Barista has hired someone to fast for him because his wife is not fasting on Teej. What happens next is something to watch.

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