Aamir Khan Started Wrestling For His Movie Dangal And Rejected The Movie Invitation

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Aamir khan Dangal : Aamir Khan started wrestling for his movie Dangal and Rejected the movie invitation from Jackie.Aamir Khan is been with a busy schedule in these year.

Aamir Khan at and event in Mumbai had clearly said that he is been busy in the months of October, November with the shooting of Dangal movie. He with his busy schedule impossible to do a role with the legendary Chinese actor Jackie Chan. It has been reported from other sources and indo Chinese actor is been starring with Jackie Chan. The project of Jackie Chan is been titled as Kung Fu Yoga which is will be highlighting of two nations india and china.
Jackie Chan is planned the movie Kung Fu Yoga to be directed by Stanley Tong.

Dangal movie story is about the depicting the history of the great Wrestler. Movie is about life of a wrestler.
Ameerkhan is been having a lots of wrestling preparation for these movie.

The fan’s of Ameerkhan are been very disappointing as the favorite hero had no release of his movie in these year 2015.Ameerkhan in these year is be quite and no movie from him in these year.

In these movie “Dangal ” Ameerkhan is been acting as wrestler. Ameerkhan is been striving mostly for the perfection. He is been busy in practicing the wrestling for his most awaited movie Dangal. Ameerkhan is in aiming towards mastering his skills in wrestling.

Aamir Khan currently learning the wrestling and wanting his role to be done with perfection . He had learnt a move called to be as “Dochi Pachad”. Aamir Khan under the guidance of coach learning the wrestling tricks.

Ameerkhan is been more on concentrating on his physique with strict diet for his movie Dangal.
Many auditions have been conducted the role of daughters for the Ameerkhan. After heavy and long days audition finally the newest introduction to Bollywood Fathima Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra is been doing the roles.

Actress Fathima khan in the movie Dangal is been acting as daughter for Ameer khan. Her profession in these movie is a photographer.

Actress Sanya Malhotra in the movie Dangal is been acting as daughter for Ameer khan. Her profession in these is movie is ballet dancer with a lots of experience in it. She is a trained ballet dancer in these movie.

Actor Ameerkhan is been having a intense preparation for these movie. He is been working day and night for the movie. He wanted to bring a revolution in wrestling with his movie.

The assistant for the movie “Slum dog Millionaire “ Maxima Basu is been to the costume designer for the Ameer Khan’s latest movie “Dangal”. The director for the “Slum dog millionaire “ movie is Danny Boyle’s.

Maxima Basu is been with the costume designing for the most prestigious movie Dangal.
Dangal movie is going to appear in the cinemas on December 23th 2016.It is some what upsetting issue for fan’s as they have hoped at least a movie from Aamir Khan. But however the fans have to wait for the appearance of Aamir Khan in the movies till next year.

The movie is been produced by the giant studio of india that is Disney studio and the director for the movie is Nitesh Tiwari.


-Source: Loop21