Celebrities Who Went For Cosmetic Surgeries, Before And After Pictures.

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Sridevi the superstar and one of the most beautiful actress in Bollywood reportedly got a nose job done ,which made her look beautiful.

Still sridevi looks as beautiful as she was earlier.

Kamal hassans daughter and actress sruthi hassan went for rhinoplasty to shape her nose.

She admitted that “I went for nose job as I’m facing breathtaking problem” .

Men are known to sworn at Bipasha basu undeniable appeal ,but that didn’t stop this hottie .

Reportedly she went for silicon implementation surgery.

Anushka Sharma is rumored to have had some work done on her lips and nose .She had a unique face and stood out from the rest.

She did something thing to her lips that made her more beautiful.

Pretty zinta’s dimples got her acclaim. She is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery to the brow ,cheek and overall shaping of the face.

Her looks in ‘ishk in Paris’ proved that.

Everyone remembered how shilpa shetty looked during her baaziga days .

“I don’t have the face to be actress” she admitted after going for surgery .

Reportedly , madhuri dixit cosmetic surgery is evident. She was seen at Indian parade Chicago in 2014.

Eyebags ,Winkler have given away to tighten jawline ,angular nose and lifted eyes .

Rumours has hit the Bollywood hottie priyanka chopra went under the knife to retouch her Sharp nose to make it little blunt.

She looks stunning present days.