Most sh0cking things captured by live TV

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Live TV or broadcasting has done us a lot if favour. We are now able to see things live sitting at our houses or other place. It is amazing. But time to time live TV is also able to capture some phenomenal things by mistake. Thanks to the magic of broadcasting, we get to witness many unforgettable moments not only in real-time but many other people around the world. Here is a compilation of such unforgettable moments in the history. Thanks to live TV we were not able to see it but that too live. The first most $hocking moment is the Manila Hostage Crisis. This happened in 2010 when a man hijacked a bus. Thanks to live TV people were able to see it live.
The second is the world series e@rthqu@ke. It can be seen that an e@rthqu@ke occurs during the baseball game and the scene was captured to live television. There is also the event captured when Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered. The video is $hocking. It has many different amazing events that were captured on live TV.

If there was no live TV we would never have been able to see these amazing things from all over the world. This video is the compilation of the all amazing events that happened in the phase of earth that either be natural disaster or a chaos created by a person. This video tries to thank the broadcasting due to which we were able to see all these amazing thing that too live.