7 Famous People Who Were Badly Rejected Before They Made It Big

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Everyone faces rejection at some time in their life. Some are not so harsh & some make for a lifetime of bad memories. To achieve something big, you will undoubtedly face rejection. Here are 7 famous people who never gave up, and went on to become extremely successful despite rejection.

1. Steve Jobs

steve jobs
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Steve Jobs, who revolutionized personal computing and created an iconic billion-dollar company, was fired from Apple when he was 30 years old. But as we all know, he was eventually taken back, resulting in the reason Apple is where it stands today.

2. Madonna

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Madonna, the pop icon who has won the hearts of millions, was rejected by Jimmy lenner, an American music producer. He mentions that he saw she had a potential to be an artist, but didn’t feel she was ready yet. That rejection about Madonna is mentioned in the above image. Not long after, she released her debut album, of which 10 million copies were sold worldwide. Huh, guess she was ready.

3. Walt Disney

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Walt Disney, the creator of everyone’s cartoon favorite Mickey Mouse, was fired from a local newspaper, the Kansas City Star. You won’t believe why was he fired! He was fired due to “lack of imagination & new ideas”. But now generations to come will admire him for his imagination and creativity.

4. Lady Gaga

lady gaga
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Lady Gaga, the inspiration of teenage girls everywhere, has also faced rejection in her career. She was signed to Def Jam in September 2006 with the intention of having an album ready asap. But three months into her contract, she was dropped by the label. That rejection led her to meet new people & grab new opportunities, leading to one of the best selling musicians of all time.

5. Thomas Edison

thomas edison
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In 1866, at the age of 19, Thomas Edison started working at Western Union in Louisville, Kentucky. He requested the night shift so that he got some extra time to pursue his passion for experimenting. One night in 1867, he was working
with a battery when he spilled sulfuric acid onto the floor. It ran between the floorboards. The next morning he was fired.
Did the world renowned inventor who had faced this rejection, lead him to focus on his actual goal?


6. J.K. Rowling

jk rowling
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J.K. Rowling followed by more than 5 million people worldwide, was rejected by more than 10 publishers. She had been insulted badly by many of them. In an interview Rowling mentioned, “The first agent I ever queried sent back a slip saying: My list is full. The folder you sent wouldn’t fit in the envelope”. At that time she really minded about the folder because she had no money. But now she has millions of folders, made of costliest silks. In one of her tweets she mentioned “First publisher to turn down Harry, also sent R.Galbraith his rudest rejection: They don’t even want me in a beard”.


7. Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe, an idol for millions of people, is still remembered in Hollywood today. Marilyn is said to have had a rough childhood. When she was struggling to become a model, she was told by a modeling agent to forget modeling and become a secretary. Can you guess what a huge loss Hollywood would have faced if she hadn’t turned a deaf ear towards naysayers?