SHOCKING: Her Husband’s Family Discovered That She Is A Former Porn Actress. Now It’s Hell For Her.

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She is a 32-year-old happily married woman. But, when she was 19, she acted in few porn films, and continued to do it till she was 21. Her husband knew about her past, but the family was kept in dark. Now, the family has got to know about her past, and everything is changed.

“It happened when I was 19-21. I was never famous or very successful. I acted in a few videos by some studios and the videos are online. I can’t take them off as I had contracts which gave the studio the legal right to the videos. They’re on a couple of premium websites and a few of them are on PornHub and other free websites. They aren’t super popular or anything and they are under stage names.

“I told my husband before we got married and showed him the videos. Nobody else knows on his side of the family. It has never got back to me, nobody has recognised me ever really until now.

“So a few weeks ago my husband’s cousin (29/M) has found the videos somehow (I imagine he watches porn 23 hours a day). He emailed the link to the videos to my husband, which he shows me and we decided to play dumb and say it’s not me (it was over 10 years ago that the video was shot and the video quality wasn’t that high on the link). So he calls him and tells him that he doesn’t like the joke. The cousin apologises and says that he thought it would be funny. We thought it’s over.

“This morning, he emailed everyone in the extended family with links to high quality videos (I imagine he has tracked down the source of the videos and bought high quality copies). This was the video that he sent to my husband and other videos as well. He then says in the email that ‘It’s who you think it is’. Also says that they would have loved to know the truth before allowing ‘this girl’ part of the family and around our children.

“So as soon as this happens, we had phones ringing asking what’s going on. Multiple emails saying they don’t want their children/teenagers around me any longer. Multiple people deleted me as their Facebook friends and some have taken the liberty of posting some really hurtful status updates like ‘the girl we accepted as part of our family was in fact someone who swallowed someone’s sperms in front of camera’. If someone sends this to where I work I could even be fired.
Honestly we haven’t done or said anything. We don’t know what to do.”


The Reddit community was quick to help.

One user, RememberKoomValley, wrote — “Your husband needs to be the one who responds. He needs to say very flatly that he knew who you were before he married you, that he loves and trusts you absolutely, and that anyone who has any problem with that is welcome to be absent from his life. He needs to draw the line now, hard, and hold to it.”

Another user, Natha105, seems to have got the point absolutely right — “This…. This is exactly what marriages are for: a partnership, a united front, mutual support and protection. Unfortunately this is your husband’s fight now.”