The 5 Most Brilliant Robbers In History!

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We all love watching action, thriller, crime movies, but as the movie ends we don’t take it much seriously because we know the characters are imaginary but there are some minds who have turned imagination to reality. Here are 5 most brilliant criminal minds who have done crimes not less than any action movie. Lets begin :-



The Vaccum Gang:-

Vaccum gang by name itself you might get an idea about the gang. Yes vacuum gang is a group of smart thieves of France since 2006. This unknown gang uses nothing more than a drill & a modified vacuum cleaner. The machine used to suck the dust was used to suck money from Supermarket named Monoprix. Unknown1The Vaccum Gang has successfully stolen $800,000 till date. They have left no enough evidence to get caught. i admire their non violent way 😉

 2. Credit Lyonnais Safe Crackers:

In 2010, A group of intruders looted the Credit Lyonnais Bank with a smart tactic which would sound like a movie script. On evening of 30th march the burglars waited for the bank to be closed & then entered the bank vaults through

 the tunnel from neighbouring cellar. They emptied more than 100 safe deposit boxes & looted all the cash, valuables. To avoid any risk of being caught the intruders set the entire bank on fire & escaped successfully. They had came with a luck or you can say the dumb security of the bank that the operation lasted for nine hours & still they were not noticed by any of the guard.

3.Carl The Friday Night Robber:

This thief’s story may sound somewhat like a revenge story. It all began when Carl was a teen. He was 15years old when he was arrested for his first robbery. He was sent to state youth facility. After some years when he was released he had set a mind to devote his whole life in crime. He earned a master’s degree in system analysis from Pennsylvania. He started his robberies

  soon after his graduation. His key elements for robbing were banks in small towns with late closing times & easy freeway. He only robbed on friday nights which made him famous by name ‘Friday Night Robber’. After the robbery he kept all his stuffs like guns, mask & even money used for robbery away from him & retrieve it after the case has been cooled down.He had successfully carried out 45 armed robberies. It was his bad luck that two teenage boys found his stuff in a park & fingerprints on it led the cops to him. He is still serving his 17 years of sentence.

4. The pink panthers:

Movies do have impact on society & you’ll find it true in these case. The pink panthers are gang from Serbia. Their robberies are famous by their artistic ways of doing it. In their first robbery the had robbed a diamond worth 500000 Euros. They hid it in jar of cream. They got this idea from film ‘Return of pink panther’ this tactic earned them thos name. They have successfully robbed over more than 100 stores across the world. The pink panthers seem to be fans of action movies, they are known for their daring escapes like escaping in a speed boat soon after robbery. Once they had dressed up as women & looted a jewellery store, the concept from movie Mission Impossible. Half of the gang is imprisioned but the leader of all Dragan Mikic managed to escape.

 5. The Cop Robber:

The most smartly planned robbery of all by an individual. It is the greatest robbery in japanese history. In december 1968, on one morning  this unknown men dressed as police motorcyclist halted the Truck loaded with money of Tokyo bank & ordered all men to get out saying it had a bomb which was going to explode. He went underneath the truck & some smokes began to blow so he screened them to flee, then he smart climbed to driving seat and flew away with 300 Million Yen equivalent to $3.6 million today. He is still being searched by the Japanese police.