Failure to harvest tealeaves in time leaves farmers with Rs 100 million in loss

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25 May, Lalitpur:

Farmers have incurred a loss amounting to whopping Rs 100 million with the failure to harvest tealeaves from different tea gardens in the district’s remote area.

The tealeaves could not be plucked on time in the district’s remotest parts of Chandanpur, Kaleshwor, Manikhel, Bukhel, Ghusel, Chaudhare, Ikudole, Gorikhel and Sanhkhu VDCs due to the havoc wrecked by the earthquake.

Most of the tea farmers’ focus has been diverted to reconstructing their houses and barns razed down during the earthquake, said Rishiram Ghimire of the Tea Producers Cooperative Association.

The tea gardens altogether cover an area as large as 1000 ropanis. The Association has 167 farmers affiliated with it. Ghimire said the farmers could not harvest the tealeaves following the chaos instigated by the unprecedented earthquake which has killed more than 8,600 people across half the country.

Each ropani of the tea garden fetches an annual 1,200 kg of green tealeaves. A kilo of tealeaves is sold for Rs 100 which amounts to an annual Rs 120,000, further augmenting the losses inflicted on farmers. RSS