Five hundred engineers to mobilize in reconstruction

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25 May, Kathmandu: Nepal Engineers Association is to mobilize 500 engineers to provide advice in the reconstruction of the houses and structures damaged due to the earthquake.

The engineers assigned as volunteers for the inspection of the damaged houses before this are being mobilised for providing suggestions for repair works.


“In the first phase we advised people on habitable and uninhabitable houses and their risk level, and in the second phase we will advise people regarding reconstruction of the damaged buildings,” General Secretary of the Association, Kishor Jha, said.

Not all houses which have been categorized uninhabitable and risky need to be demolished; the engineers to be mobilised will advise on the ways of retrofitting. The Association has been providing orientation training to the volunteer engineers through teams of foreign experts, he said.

The Association’s volunteers have so far inspected 45,038 houses. It has clarified that they have only provided verbal advice to the owners of the houses they have inspected and not pasted any stickers. RSS