Nembang gives 7 more days for consensus

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KATHMANDU, APR 23 – The meeting of Constitution Assembly (CA) convened for Thursday has been put off for the next seven days. The next CA meeting has been summoned for April 30.

Addressing the CA meeting, Chairman Subas Nembang said the political parties have been given seven more days for the last time to forge consensus on the disputed issues of constitution writing as the CA’s priority is still agreement.

As it has been learnt from sources that the major political parties are making headway towards consensus in the inter-party discussions, the CA’s deadline has been extended to facilitate the same. The Questionnaire Drafting Committee, formed to resolve the contentious issues through voting, was supposed to table its report at the CA meeting today.

At today’s CA meet, Chairman Nembang drew the attention of the political parties to either forge consensus on the disputed issues or agree on moving ahead with the CA process by April 30. “Either forge consensus or agree on CA process,” he said, while addressing the lawmakers today, adding, “Otherwise, Constitution Assembly will move ahead as per the established rules and practice.”