PM directs Health Minister to contain flu outbreak

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KATHMANDU, APR 23 – Prime Minister Sushil Koirala on Thursday telephoned the Minister for Heath, Khaga Raj Adhikari, and directed him to leave no stones unturned to stop the swine flu epidemic. PM Koirala is at Jakarta, Indonesia to attend the 60th Asian-African Conference commemoration.

During the conversation, Health Minister Adhikari informed PM Koirala about the developments in the prevention of swineflu outbreak.

Prime Minister Koirala directed so after he got information that there was a rise in common cold and fever patients in the neighbouring districts of Jajarkot, where the swine flu epidemic is yet to be contained, informed Prime Minister’s press coordinator Prakash Adhikari. A meeting of the cabinet last Thursday had formed a four-member central coordination committee led by Chief Secretary Leela Mani Paudyal to ensure adequate response at the disease outbreak sites in Jajarkot.

The Prime Minister on April 16 had earlier summoned and directed the Health Minister Khagaraj Adhikari, the Health Secretary Shanta Bahadur Shrestha, the Director General of the Department of Health Services Dr Senendra Uprety and the Chief of the Epidemiology Division of the Health Ministry Dr Baburam Marasini to carry out works at war footing for the prevention and treatment of swine flu that has spread in Jajarkot district.

Meanwhile, Chief Secretary Paudyal and Health Secretary Shrestha is scheduled to visit Jajarkot, today, to take toll of the efforts being done to contain the outbreak and the situation of the patients.

At least 27 people have succumbed to the disease with more new cases of Swine flu infection being confirmed in other districts.