Rolpa hospital lacks blood bank

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ROLPA, APR 19 – Rolpa Hospital in Liwang which started a surgery ward recently is struggling to manage blood for patients due to the lack of ablood bank .

As an alternative, patients as well as doctors often call local police and Nepal Army personnel for blood donation. Dr Pranaya Rana, a surgeon at the hospital, said they telephone the police or army blood donors whenever they need help. Currently, around 500 police and 800 army personnel are stationed at the district headquarters.

The army and police officials have also internally briefed their colleagues to be alert regarding blood donation. They also request the security personnel to have their blood groups tested. Devidatta Battalion chief Binod Chand said they are doing this as a temporary measure to serve the needy patients.

Meanwhile, Ghana Shyam Acharya, president of the Hospital Management Committee, said they are committed to establish a blood bank with support from

local people as well the government. “We will also initiate efforts to add more beds to the 25-bed health facility and improve its standards,” he said.

“Despite of having several problems, the hospital was successful in four surgeries of pregnant women,” said Uma Sankhar Prasad Chaudhary, a hospital chief. Likewise, lauding the hospital for initiating surgery ward, Chief District Officer Luk Bahadur Chhetri said it is right time for the government to improve services of the health facility.