Lumbini area to have maternity health facility

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BUTWAL, APR 17 – The Lumbini Development Trust has initiated a process to construct a state-of-the-art maternity hospital in Lumbini.

The Fund’s Information Officer Hari Dhwaj Rai said the project is aimed at providing maternity care to expecting mothers in the holy region. He said many Buddhists believe that an infant born in the area will have bright future and is likely to inherit some qualities of Lord Buddha.

“We initiated the project following huge pressure from local residents,” Rai said, adding, “They are excited now as the project implementation process is under way.”

According to the Fund’s Member Secretary Aajit Man Tamang, an agreement was reached between Nepal and Thailand after the latter formally tabled a proposal on the maternity hospital . As per the agreement, Nepal government will provide required land at a suitable location and Thailand will manage expenses and oversee works related to the construction of the proposed hospital. The construction work is scheduled to be completed within two years and the maternity facility will be managed by the Thai government for the next five years. Tamang said details of the proposed location have been forwarded to the Ministry of Land Reform and Management through the District Survey Office and the Chief District Officer.

In order to implement the project, the Thai government is coordinating with Lumbini-based Thai Vihar as well Thai Fung Thai, an NGO that had earlier worked in the repair of Mayadevi Temple.

Rai said the project site will be located at 5.3 hectares of land in Bhagatpura-12, just outside the Lumbini premises, after two separate sites proposed beside the Thai Vihar were found to be inappropriate.

Durganath Gautam, executive officer at the Lumbini Cultural Municipality, said the site will be suitable for hospital as it is a beautiful site with a pond in the middle. He said the municipality has enough public land but the Cabinet should reach a

decision to hand it over to the hospital.