Rule compels funded doctors to serve govt

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KATHMANDU, APR 13 – The government has made it mandatory for all students studying medical courses under government scholarships to remain in minimum two-year bond service.

In its new “Guideline for Mobilisation of Scholarship Doctor and Health Personnel-2015”, the government has provisioned all scholarship students of medical field to be deputed for two to five years.

The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) formulated the guideline for new doctors and health professionals who studied under government aid in a bid to station them in all parts of the country. The doctors and health professionals pursing their post-graduate studies under government support too are required to comply with the directives. According to the directives, the Department of Health Services under the MoHP will depute each individual to Primary Health Care Centre or a 15-bed government hospital first. If the positions are not vacant in such health centres, they will be deployed to district or other regional hospitals.

If individuals fail to

abide by the directives, the government can even take extreme measure of

recovering the amount spent on their education.

“Such doctors will be temporarily registered with the Nepal Medical Council,” said Dr Guna Raj Lohani, chief of Curative Services Division of MoHP. “So they will be compelled to abide by the new provision before being licensed.”

Earlier, despite the prevailing law, the MoHP had failed to mobilise doctors who studied under government scholarship. The new guideline, however, has included

doctors as well as other health professionals as well.