Indian nat’l gets Nepali passport by forging docs

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BARA, APR 13 – An Indian national has been found to have obtained a Nepali passport by producing forged documents under the name of one Hasmuddhin Miya Mansuri of Tokani-3, Rampur.

Originally from Bhediarwa, Aadapur in India, Ali Hassan Miya had acquired the Nepali passportunder Mansuri’s name at the recommendation of VDC Secretary Lallan Ram Nepali and had then left for Malaysia to work as a migrant worker.

The incident had only come to light after the real Mansuri went to Kathmandu to have his passportmade. It came as a shock to him when he learnt that someone else had already made a passport in his name.

“The Indian national (Miya) has been found to have submitted details of three generations of Mansuri’s family and glued his own photos on the documents belonging to Mansuri to pose as a Nepali citizen,” said a staffer at the District Administration Office, stating that the error might have been caused due to enormous workload in the office. In the meantime, the DAO has called upon all VDC Secretaries to carry out an investigation into the matter.

Claiming that the VDC Secretary had given the recommendation to Miya knowing full well that he was not a Nepali national nor the one he is posing to be, Mansuri said that it was impossible for someone to fake a document or get the photocopy of his previous passportwithout help from concerned agencies responsible for issuing those documents.

Mansuri had acquired his citizenship certificate on April 7, 2005, However, the documents submitted by Miya to pose as Mansuri states the date to be May 30, 2012. After acquiring thepassport under the name of Mansuri two and a half years ago, Miya had flown to Malaysia to work. It has been learnt that Miya is in Nepal but is currently on the run after police learnt about the forgery he committed. A staff at the DAO said that they might have failed to verify the authenticity of the documents submitted by Miya as the office is equipped with far less employees to take precaution against such cases of forgery.