Samples of Jajarkot patients in Capital for test

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JAJARKOT, APR 13 – Ten samples from patients in Jajarkot have been brought to Kathmandu on Sunday for laboratory test to identify the disease that has been gripping the district for past two weeks.

The samples that have been processed for testing at the National Public Health Laboratory were brought to Kathmandu when a team of officials led by Health Minister Khagaraj Adhikari visited the district.

At least 10 people have died while around 1,000 have been affected in the past two weeks from the disease with symptoms similar to common flu. Patients have high fever, muscle cramps, joint pains and headache. The disease has been reported in Paink, Nayabada, Sakla and Archhani VDCs. The government team had brought medicines worth Rs 1 million for the purpose. Janak Bahadur Rokayam, a local, said people are in a state of panic given the severity of the disease.