Over 20,000 civil servants face fine

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KATHMANDU, APR 13 – Over 20,000 civil servants are facing legal action for failing to submit their property details . Based on the report prepared by the National Vigilance Committee (NVC), the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has instructed the concerned ministry and departments to penalise the employees who did not submit their property details as required by the law.

“According to the details provided by the Department of Civil Personnel Records 20,254 civil servants have not submitted their property details ,” CIAA stated in a statement on Sunday.

The Corruption Prevention Act (2002) requires persons holding public postitions to make their property details public within 60 days of joining the service and every other year thereafter, within 60 days of expiry of fiscal year.

The CIAA is authorised to fine an official up to Rs 5,000 for failing to submit the property details on time.

According to the CIAA estimates, Rs 10 million would be collected as fine if the concerned agencies implement the directive.

In  2011, around 35,000 bureaucrats, politicians and police officers had not submitted theirproperty details . But the NVC’s recommendation to take action against them was disregarded.

This is the first time the CIAA has decided to book the public servants for failing to disclose their property details .