Mahato declares split from 30-party alliance

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KATHMANDU, APR 12 – Sadbhawana PartyChairman Rajendra Mahato has said that the Madhes-based parties will not participate in the meeting of the 30-party alliance as the relevance of the front has ended.

Mahato claimed that Madhesi people will not be able to secure their rights through the alliance. “The 30-party alliance will not be effective from now onwards,” Mahato said in an interaction programme of Reporter’s Club here on Sunday, “Madhesi people do not need this alliance.” He blamed the double-faced character of UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal for rendering the alliance ineffective.

Leader Mahato opined that the Madhes-based parties are capable to carry out a separate agitation on their own. He added that preparations are being made for a strong struggle by forming a separate alliance.

Likewise, Mahato mentioned that they will not forgo an inch from the Madhes land. “We will not give away a single inch of Madhes state,” he said. “All people living in Madhes will live in harmony and we will not let anyone disintegrate Madhes. If anyone tries to split up our land, result will be fatal.”

“Five districts in Madhes are being divided in the name of Madhesi and ‘Pahadis’. We will not accept that,” Mahato added.