Govt ready to forge consensus in every clause of constitution: Minister Rijal

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BIRATNAGAR, APR 12 – Minister for Information and Communications Minendra Rijal has said the constitution writing process has seen positive signals for a political consensus on the contentious issues of the constitution.

Talking briefly with the journalists at Biratnagar Airport on Sunday, Minister Rijal said the government has been taking initiatives to forge consensus on every clause in the new constitution.

Minister Rijal said the UCPN (Maoist) has shown interest in constitution writing of late and stressed the government, political parties and the Constituent Assembly should work from their respective positions on creating environment for the political consensus.

“The disputes in the constitution writing is the same still today but positive signals for political consensus are seen,” said Minister Rijal.

Responding to journalists query whether there would be national consensus government once the political consensus agree on the disputed issues of the constitution, Minister Rijal said, “We urged the UCPN (M) and opposition parties to join the present government earlier and the option is open even today. RSS