हवल्दार सुन्तली हेर्न चलचित्र हलमा दर्शकहरुको भिड ।

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Among the three movies that released coinciding the same date, the two have been successful to make good business. To view these movies, many people have flocked to the movie theaters in the country. A movie, ’Habaldar Suntali’, which is produced by Chhabiraj Ojha and directed by Rishi Lamichhane, has been able to draw the audience to the movie theatres since its releasing day on Friday.  The movie theaters, in which the movie is running, have witnessed sufficient audience. The movie is based on a real story of Suntali Dhami. Dhami was raped by her own male friend. People have liked the movie because the story is based on the real life of a girl, informed Ojha.