Development support mobilization changing

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Kathmandu, April 10: The government has claimed that the mobilization of the development support received through multilateral and bilateral partners has improved.

Minister for Finance Dr Ram Sharan Mahat made the Development Support Report for the Fiscal Year 2013/014 public here today with the objective of promoting transparency in the Development Support Sector.

The country has mobilized the development support of Rs 111.47 in the last fiscal year as compared to Rs 96 billion in the previous fiscal year.

Of the total assistance, 66 per cent of it is grant, 18 per cent loan and 16 per cent technical assistance, according to the report.

During the period, the country received a total of 208 million (approximately Rs 20 billion) including 132 million US Dollar from the various donor agencies working in the country and 76 Million US Dollar directly from their Central Office.

In total, the development assistance has been increased by 11 per cent in the last fiscal as compared to the previous year.

As per the report, the World Bank group has floated the highest 276.77 million US Dollar under the multilateral development partners while United Kingdom has contributed 151.13 million US Dollar, the highest support among the bilateral development partners.

Of the support, 71 per cent is floated through national budget and 29 outside it. Minister for Finance Dr Mahat said that the assistance that is floated outside the national budget system would be brought to national budget.

Around 39 per cent development assistance is floated in the social sector while 26 per cent under the infrastructure development.

Minister Dr Mahat said the assistance is circulated via 443 development projects and many small projects while stressing on the need of mobilizing the assistance under the national budget in the gradual manner.

The assistance under the European Union is disbursed in the country through 75 projects of 21 Ministries, UN Agencies through 74 projects of 23 Ministries, Asian Development Bank 69 projects of 17 Ministries, World Bank Group 40 projects of 16 Ministries, and Norway 33 Projects of 15 Ministries.

The highest 175 million US Dollors development assistance is mobilized in education sector, then in local development, health, energy, and road sectors. Over 60 per cent support is mobilized in the country through the different projects.

The highest 27.56 per cent is mobilized in Central Development Region, 21 per cent in Mid-Western Development Region, 19.50 in Western Development Region, 18.29 per cent in Eastern Development Region, and the lowest 13.64 per cent in Far-Western Development Region.

The World Bank group has given priority for education, energy, agriculture, and economic improvement while the Asian bank has prioritized the road and drinking water sector.

Dr Mahat said it was necessary to enhance the development expenditure spending capacity. The dependency ratio has been lessened as compared to the last years due to reformations on the internal capacity to carry out the development activities of the country, Finance Minister Dr Mahat said. It should be further encouraged, he summed up. RSS