Dohori Artist Pashupati Sharma & Dhurmuse/Suntali Welcomed in USA

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Artists from Nepal: Dohori Singers Mr. Pashupati Sharma & Ms. Sangita Thapa Magar, Modern Songs Pramod Kharel and Meri Basyei Comedy artists Sitaram Kattel ( Dhurmuse ) & Suntali welcomed in Baltimore, USA.

Nepal Governments Honorary Consul-General Premraja Mahat was the events Chief Guest. Legendary folk artist Mr. Premraja Mahat said: this teams Cultural Performance to the 22 US Cities will be the “great preservation of the Nepali Culture in USA”. The Ceremony was conducted by Mr. Buddhi Prasad Regmi, who did Visa-Sponser to artists.

Newly elected President of the BANA Kulmani Acharya welcomed to artists in USA by giving flowers to each artists. Around one dozens Nepali Organizations representatives were presented. Oldest Nepali Organization of USA America Nepal Societys past President Mr. Khem Bhattachan also attended the Welcome Ceremony, driving Car 200 Kilomeeters from Virginia/Washington DC. BANAs founding president Mohan Thapa, who is the NRNs regional vice-presidents candidate also presented at the event.

On-behalf-of artists from Nepal Mr Sitaram Kattel (Dhurmuse) gave very nice Speech, same as a political leader. When, Mr Kattel said:- Suntali flew to USA by leaving just born 25 days baby in Nepal, then, “Tears” came from Suntalis Eye ?