Gaur market shutdown again

April 08 2015 09:51

RAUTAHAT, APR 08 – The UCPN (Maoist) led 30-party opposition alliance has taken the leadership of Gaur protest on Wednesday, rejecting the withdrawal of protest programmes by the local chapter of Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The opposition alliance flared up the protest saying that the demands were not met. “The Chamber of Commerce and Industry withdrew the protests before the demands were met,” said UCPN (M) district Chairman Bindeshwor Yadav, “The alliance takes the leadership for further protests as the demands have not been met.”

The opposition alliance shut down Gaur market despite the Chamber’s call to operate business. They have also obstructed vehicular movement along the Gaur-Chandranigahapur road section which has again affected the lives of locals here.

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