UCPN (M) reluctant over majority voting process

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KATHMANDU, APR 06 – Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has urged UCPN (Maoist) ChairmanPushpa Kamal Dahal on agreeing to start drafting of constitution by incorporating the issues resolved so far and continue discussions on unresolved issue–federalism.

In a meeting between two leaders, PM Koirala tried to convince Dahal, who also leads the 30-party opposition alliance, in starting CA proceedings and eventually voting over disputed issues of the constitution.

The Maoists leader however turned down PM Koirala’s proposal demanding to resolve all the issues as ‘a package’. “He stressed on the need of continuing negotiations and resolve the disputed issues as a package deal,” said a source close to Dahal.

The request from the head of the government comes a day after ruling parties decided on starting the voting process with rounds of futile negotiations on how to federate the country into new federal setup.  The ruling parties, which command two-third majority in the 601-member CA, want to resolve the disputed issues of the constitution against the opposition bloc’s stand to seek consensus on federalism at the political level.

The opposition bloc, however, has warned of starting street protests against the government if the voting process begins without seeking consensus on disputed issues of the constitution.

In Sunday’s meeting, PM Koirala suggested the UCPN (M) led opposition to shun protests programs and continue to engage in negotiations.

The dispute over whether to start voting and continue to seek consensus on federalism mainly naming and bordering of the new provinces has stalled the CA proceedings nearly for three months.