All private and governmental hospitals’ services except for Emergency shut today

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Kathmandu, April 1: The Nepal Medical Council (NMC) today has shut down all the services of hospital, both private and governmental, across the nation citing that the government was adamant towards the demands put forth by Dr Govinda KC.

A senior orthopedic surgeon at the government’s Teaching Hospital, Dr KC has been spearheading fast-unto-death for the fifth time that reaches 11th day today. Dr KC has been staging the protest pressing for 10-point demand including reform and revamp of the medical education sector.

The Council, expressing its solidarity towards the hunger-strike of Dr KC, has warned of even halting the currently run emergency services if Dr KC’s demands were not fulfilled within the next 48 hours.

Patients thronging medical services in various health institutions across the country have suffered as a result of this symbolic protest of the Council.

The Council, in Dr KC’s fourth fast-unto-death strike too had shut down the medical services across all the hospitals nation-wide.

Meanwhile, talks are currently being held between the team of Dr KC and government, led by Chief Secretary Leelamani Poudel, in connection to this at the Teaching Hospital.

The talk is likely to forge consensus between the two teams today itself, bringing the strike into a halt. RSS