Master plan for development of Muktinath

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Kathmandu, March 31: The Department of Archeology has prepared a master plan for the overall development of famous religious shine Muktinath Temple in Mustang district. The estimated cost of the master plan is Rs 3 billion.

The department prepared the master plan by incorporating 537 ropani land of the religious site after carrying out field studies by the technicians in different phases.

Department’s spokesperson Ram Bahadur Kunwar said that the master plan was prepared with a view to developing physical structures in the area for overall development of Muktinath area.

“Construction of 33 structures including gardens, buildings and others has been proposed,” he added. The master plan aims to construct two helipads by considering the flow of tourists and VIPs.

Likewise, the garbage collected in the area would be managed through the electronic devices as per the master plan.

The temple situated at the height of 3,710 meters is the common religious site for both Hindus and Buddhist. RSS